Income Opportunity

avenues of profit

Our commission plan offers a business opportunity which allows you to earn as much extra income as you want! Work your business either part-time or full time.

Personal Sales

  • Up to 50% profit
  •   Glamour demonstrations

  • One-on-one demonstrations
  • Customer reorders

    Recruitment Commission

  • Up to 8%

    Company Car
  • 15 personal recruits
  • Minimum of $4,000 wholesale volume per month

    Fund Raising Commission

    Promotional Prizes and Awards

    team manager incentives

    Additional Recruitment Commission - Up to 13%

    Team Manager Commission - Up to 13%

    Spin-off Commission

    Team Volume Bonus

    Recruiting Bonus

    Car Bonus (based on team volume)

    Major Requirements for Team Manager Status

  • 15 personal recruits
  • Minimum monthly team volume of $4,000
  • 30 recruits on your team

  • how you can join the aularale family

    TEP 1
    Order your Beauty Consultant Kit by phone or mail. The cost of your Beauty Consultant Kit is $150 plus $6 for shipping plus your local tax rate applied to the $150 cost of the kit. .                   

    To Order by Phone: Call our order line at 800-969-8869 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST, Monday ÔÇö Friday. We accept all major credit cards.

    To Order by Mail: Send a money order, cashier's check, or certified check to:
    Aularale Cosmetics, inc.
    4025 Welcome All Rd., Suite 115
    Atlanta, GA 30349.

    STEP 2
    Complete your Beauty Consultant contract and send it to the company.

    To be referred to a Beauty Consultant in Your Local Area: Call 800-969-8869 or e-mail us at

    on the job training

    You begin training and gaining practical experience as soon as you join the company. We use two methods for the formal training of new Beauty Consultants. As a part of our training program, new Aularale Beauty Consultants are required to perform eight Glamour Demonstrations (small groups or one-on-one's) during their first 30 days in the company.

    1. Live Classes

  • Conducted by Team Managers, Authorized Trainers and the Home Office. Call your Sponsor, Manager or Authorized Beauty Consultant Trainer and find out the time and location of the next class. Read the Aularale Beauty Consultant Manual before attending the class.

    2. Home Study

  • If no Authorized Beauty Consultant Trainer is near your geographical area, you will use the Home Study method. View our 90 minute Video Training Tape several times, study the Aularale Beauty Consultant Training Manual and answer our 50 question Beauty Consultant test and work closely with your Sponsor.

    Be the first in your area to become a representative for Aularale Cosmetics! Build a team in your area.