Men's Skin Care Set for Normal/Dry Skin

Men\'s Skin Care Set for Normal/Dry Skin


Pore cleanser, removes dirt, excessive oil, bacteria and softens facial hair. Apply a small amount of  Cleanser to a moistened cotton ball, white wash cloth, disposable wash cloth or fingertips and massage cleanser briskly over face and throat with upward/outward strokes. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and repeat the process, if necessary. For problem skin, rinse at least three times. May also use cleanser as a shaving gel.


Deep pore cleanser, removes dry, dead skin cells, helps control acne and ingrown facial hairs. Follow Step 1 with the Clay Masque one to three times per week. Include the throat area in this special treatment (avoid the eye area). Apply masque with upward/outward strokes. Let masque dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove Masque with warm wet face cloth pressed firmly on face to loosen before removing. (Note: You may leave the Clay Masque on longer if desired).


Removes traces of Cleanser/Masque and tones skin. After using Cleanser and or Masque apply Moisture Balancing Toner. Saturate cotton ball and apply in upward/outward strokes over face and neck to remove final traces of Cleanser or Masque. This refreshens and helps tone pores.


Softens skin, protects against pollutants, helps prevent age lines, improves moisture, softens facial hairs. Apply Normal/Dry Skin Moisturizer lightly while skin is damp from Toner using upward and outward strokes. This will aid in keeping the skin moisturized but not greasy.